Novelty Toys – LED Flare Copters Are Just Plain Fun

Flare Copter Is Just Fun To Play With

While Flare Copter could be considered one of many novelty toys if you could see the looks on people’s faces when they see this you would be shocked. It is just so cool to make so many people smile and it is not just kids. Adults think this toy is just as cool, if not cooler, than their kids do…lol. And it really is fun.

I think I am going to begin a testimonials page so that people that want to leave their feedback on Flare Copter can. I can say with confidence that the reviews would be glowing. It is just too cool to shoot a dart 150 feet into the air and have it float back down like a helicopter landing. Add the lights to it and it…well you just have to see it.

I think the thing that is so appealing about Flare Copter is that it just lets you be a kid no matter what your age. When you see grown men and women playing like kids in the park I think you realize you have something special. This of course begs the question…

Are Flare Copters Novelty Toys?

Novelty toys

Novelty Toys come and go and are a dime a dozen so is Flare Copter just a fad? Personally I don’t think so. While it certainly is a novelty toy, some novelty toys have staying power…think Frisbee or the Slinky…remember that?…lol. Those products are still selling huge numbers every year and I believe Flare Copter may have the same potential. Why?

First of all LED Toys are all the rage right now. The image to the left is of another LED Toy that is really cool too. At least it looks pretty cool but really…well I keep saying it, Flare Copter is just a ton of fun to play with. So while certainly a novelty toy I think it does have staying power. But even if it doesn’t it is still a ton of fun now and that is what matters to me. I get to go to work everyday and make people smile. Even the people that won’t let themselves be kids and play with it still enjoy it.

Part of what is really cool is that this is almost untouched in the US so we are playing with a toy that is literally unknown here. When I am playing with it people just start to ask what it is. So guys…listen up…if you need a conversation starter then just stand on a street corner or park and start shooting this thing up in the air. The response you get is amazing. That makes it kind of fun too because you are showing something to someone that they have never seen before.

Sooner or later everyone is gong to know what a Flare Copter is. For me as a business man it is very exciting to be this far in front of it but the best part is really that I get paid everyday to go out and play and make people smile.

Trust me on this and just buy Flare Copter whether for yourself , your kids or both. You will have way more fun than the money you spent, of that I can assure you.

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Happy Launching…